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Application Architecture

The scope of software architecture has broadened to encompass the entire lifecycle of software with ever-changing business needs. Architecture is no longer an early-stage planning exercise, but an integral component of your software development. A well-thought-out, scalable, secure, and reliable architecture can remain relevant for a long time into the future.

Our experienced and certified consultants can design and document physical, network, database and software architectures for the entire organization or for individual systems as an extension to your existing enterprise architecture.We also design an information architecture that helps us to understand the flow of information needed for the applications.

The Architecture is the logic and backbone on which applicationsare built with user-friendly navigations. The logical connection between different parts of the project is defined by an architectural blueprint that is clear, easy to follow, and complete.

Prior to developing a software architecture, our team of experienced architects will collaborate with your SMEs to analyze and identify the following:

Business requirements that the system addresses
Where and how the system fits into the enterprise architecture
Identify the existing components for reuse
Scalability, availability and reliability requirements along with foreseeable changes.
Security requirements and goals
Desired User-Interface experience

Based on your requirements in these four influencing factors, PrizmIT will aid you in developing a simplistic, reliable, and robust architecture for your apps that stand the test of time.

Our Architectural consulting approach starts by creating a minimal viable architecture (MVA) that flexibly accommodates your most important present and anticipated requirements. With that architecture in place, you can grow and evolve your solution—either on your own or in collaboration with PrizmIT to deliver value to the business.

PrizmIT deploys the best practices in our field, like layering to bringefficient business logic, minimal dependency, and enhanced value plus maintainability of your code. Backed with our elaborate detailing of coding and project documentation, we ensure that your team can improve on your program’s architecture and software in the future to match any major changes to your business.

Our architecture consultants utilize their experience and expertise in continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), agile process methodology, project management, and DevOps to create the right channel for your future software advancements and growth. Our software architecture will meet your current needs and future changes targeting any new problems or possibilities that surfaces.We also assist in the selection and setup of the build system, the most appropriate build tool chain, and IDE along with the necessary infrastructure required for a successful development process. This includes applications and support infrastructure such as version control, bug tracking, continuous integration and work task management systems.

At PrizmIT, we strongly recommend agile techniques during our architecture development. However, our team of top-performing experts is flexible and versatile, able to work with your preferred or existing processes, including RUP and Waterfall.

Our product and customer centered architecture process focuses on defining a digital architecture that enables your IT organization to deliver the desired experience while ensuring alignment with technology, compliance and security goal requirements. Our team of experienced architects work will with you to design and document each component of the final architecture, taking into consideration the value delivered, complexity and cost. While our team has opinions on the various technologies across the landscape, we take an agnostic approach ensuring that the selected technologies are the best fit for your organization, its end users and customers.


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