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IT Staff Augmentation

It can be pretty time-consuming and expensive finding and securing a highly skilled employee. Many of our clients seek our help to identify individuals that best fit a particular skillset. Others are after securing an entire team to accomplish their short and long term business objectives. PrizmIT is delighted to assist our clients in achieving either of these objectives. We also can take up the responsibility by enabling our team of experts handle our clients’ software projects from inception to conclusion.

As a leading specialist in IT Staff Augmentation, PrizmIT places into consideration, all the necessary factors of your local marketplace such as candidate avaialblity, expected compensation rates,  workplace expectations and combine it with detailed technical evaluation and prior work experience validation to identify the best the market has to offer.

Through our staff augmentation practice, PrizmIT offers consultants on contract, contract-to-hire positions, and employment.

We strive first to understand the business and cultural aspects our clients and the position they want us to fill. This would help us understand the work place expectations of the client and enable us to identify right candidates that are best fit for the positions.

At PrizmIT, we strive hard to identify the IT professionals that are best in their field of work and ensure they are continuously engaged with our clients at a highly competitive pay rate.

Are you are an IT employer seeking a managed team of skilled professionals to accomplish your immediate IT needs or do you need qualified candidates to work on your in-house projects? PrizmIT is here to assist you in fulfilling those business needs. We identify and work with talented IT professionals who posses extensive experience in their fields and precisely match them to your job requirements.

Are you an IT expert who desires to work in a specific industry? Do you have the skill right set and personality to match your preferred sector or field? PrizmIT is here to make your dream come through. We will help you to find the right company for your abilities with a competitive pay rate. By matching you to a firm that doesn’t only meet your skill and financial needs, but matches your personality in regards to environment and culture, PrizmIT ensures you and the client remain satisfied. Hence, fostering a valued long-term relationship between you and us where we offer you more opportunities when needed to see you thrive while doing the thing you love.

PrizmIT is equipped with highly experienced and committed IT recruiters who are trained to sieve through the number of technological skills mentioned in the potential candidate’s resume to identify their true expertise and experience. Our team not only possess the ability to accurately qualify technical and functional professionals, but also also take their time to grasp what motivates candidates, their personality, and if they are the right fit for the position while also considering the ethics, and culture of the hiring organization.

During our screening process, we take our time to carry out appropriate research on every resume we receive, check and verify every reference, and conduct our interviews in-person to pick up on things online interviews won’t.

This is because we understand that providing a firm and employee that match on all fronts is the only recipe for long-term success and productivity in the workplace.

With our exceptional referral network we avoid a great number of underqualified applicants in the market. This also allows us to quickly mobilize talent that meets your desired skill set and culture on short notice.

Unlike other recruiting firms, PrizmIT goes beyond just recruiting the right employee or temporary staff for your firm’s software needs. We know how busy and sort after these individuals can be due to their outputs. Hence, we follow up with continuous communication to maintain the enthusiasm and keep their eyes focused on bringing the best value to your project and not their next big gig.

PrizmIT, is a trusted IT firm that fosters growth and productivity through a strong bond with our exceptional talents, long lasting clients and unrivaled hiring practices.

Our IT experts are vetted to meet all your business needs on all fronts, skill set, and discipline, including

Database Design, Development, and Administration
System and Application Design and Development
Mobile Development
Systems Analysis
Quality Assurance
Web Development
Business Analysis
Network Engineering and Administration
Project Management
Operational Support Solutions
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Enterprise Resource Planning


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