Big Data Architecture and Solutions

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Big Data Architecture and Solutions

PrizmIT designs on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions that can turn your big data into informative insights framing your business strategies and implementation. Our certified professionals are ready to assist you in getting everything set up.

We leverage powerful open source tools and also develop custom big data software to deliver values across the entire enterprise. Our team is skilled enough to support you through the entire development cycle of the Big Data solution that you are looking for.

Our consultants follow a use-case driven methodology for identifying key data source systems and integration points, leverage the best technology to ingest those data, and are focused on building the highest-performance systems to process data quickly and deliver insights to users faster than ever.

Our big data engineering services include:

1. Evaluating your firm’s data architecture to identify the data sources and define data lakes or DWHS
2. Cleaning, transforming, and processing your data into actionable formats for your model development.
3. Building pipelines to store, process, gather and enable the access of data.
4. Advice on securing the best open-source or proprietary big data analytics tools or products to use for your project.
5. Assisting you with choosing the right big data platforms for the management of your data infrastructures. For example, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, and Google BigQuery

Our consultants are specialized in the following big data solutions:
Apache Spark (Cloudera distribution)
Apache Hadoop (Cloudera, MapR distributions)
Apache Hive and Pig
Apache HBase and Cassandra
Amazon Web Services (Data Pipeline, EMR, Redshift)
Apache Impala and SQL on Hadoop


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